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100% Wagyu ox meat


The breed of Wagyu cattle originates from  Japan, Kobe city. Its flesh is very appreciated for its flavor characteristics, tenderness and juiciness.


100% Wagyu meat classified kilo by kilo by our qualified staff. Its mixture, made of fat and lean, always remains uniform. This lean is obtained from the nobles parts of the ox. The resulting mixture receives a hit of cold temperature, so that when chopping and hneading it, the mixture doesn´t exceed 2 degrees. This technique is used in order to maintain the product perfectly homogenised. The only ingredients we add to this product are salt and pepper. As a result we would possibly produce one of the best hamburgers of the world

An exceptional flavour and texture characterises this hamburger 100% Wagyu meat, pure Wagyu flavour, with loose texture and with a flavour which is enhanced when the fat melts in the grill, also delicious when cooked on the griddle.




Frozen Wagyu Hamburgers