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Wagyu is a beef breed originally from Japan whose flesh is clearly different from any other bovine race, is distinguished by its extraordinary culinary skills, has a special genetic ability to produce an intense marbling, infiltration of fat between muscle fibers, which delivers its particular flavor attributes when it is cooked, becoming one of the most appreciated and selected meats in the world, highlighting its tenderness, juiciness and exquisite flavor.

The characteristics of the breed, the care in the breeding and exhaustive quality controls, guarantee an exquisite product with a unique flavor and aroma making them a tribute to the palate.

Hamburger of exceptional flavor and texture, 100% Wagyu meat, pure Wagyu flavor, loose texture, its flavor is enhanced on the grill when melting the fat, exceptional also on the grill.

ADVICE; Accompany caramelized onions and salt after cooking, with Maldon type salt