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Urzapa Ecological Honey



Ecological Honey Urzapa has the certificate of the Ecological and Artisan seal that distinguishes its products.


Their hives are located in the lands of León, Burgos and Cantabria.





  • Jalea Real-2
    Jalea Real-2

Royal Jelly.

Fresh royal jelly, packed in 10 gr. It is the only food of the queen, which can live about 5 years and her sisters the workers only about 100 days.

Properties of royal jelly:

Improves and strengthens the immune system.

It is an antioxidant, improving cellular metabolism.

Delays epithelial aging.

Moisturizes and gives elasticity to the skin.

It exerts an antiseptic action.

Increase defenses

It helps attack both viruses, microbes and all kinds of toxins.

It helps to normalize blood pressure. This action is due to the acetylcholinergic substances that royal jelly possesses.

It helps with blood circulation.

It helps fight muscular and mental fatigue.

Helps to treat anorexia and asthenia in children.

Decreases anxiety and nervousness.

Our fresh royal jelly: It is kept in a refrigerator, it is packed in 10 gr. It is administered fasting, under the tongue, at a rate of 50 mg. With this dosage the boat serves us for about 20 or 25 days. Indispensable in spring and autumn.




  • Miel de Brezo-2
    Miel de Brezo-2

Heather Honey.

It is extracted in September, in northern lands of León. With a percentage higher than 65% of heathers (Calluna and Ericas).

Winner of the Silver Medal at the Biol Honey International Contest, held in Bologna in 2012.

Dark mahogany color and slightly sweet little bitter taste.


Recommended in cardiac problems. Ideal to prevent the formation of stones and inflammations in the bladder, kidney and urethra. Antirheumatic Due to its mineral content, it is indicated for anemia, inappetence and fatigue.




  • Miel de Romero-2
    Miel de Romero-2

Rosemary Honey.

Amber very light and white when crystallized. Aromatic and sweet.


Effective liver stimulant that favors the decongestion of the liver. Indicated for ulcers of the digestive system and dysmenorrhea.

Not recommended for hypertensive patients since it is a bit toning.





  • Miel de Tomillo-2
    Miel de Tomillo-2

Thyme Honey.

It is extracted in July with hives located in the lands of León. With a percentage higher than 25% of Thymus mastichina.

Winner of the Gold Medal at the Biol Honey International Contest, held in Bologna in 2015.

Reddish tone and pleasant taste.


Indicated for respiratory conditions of inflammatory type, convulsive cough and asthma. Regulator of blood pressure. Very indicated as tonic in the face of fatigue and asthenia.



  • Miel de Eucalipto-2
    Miel de Eucalipto-2

Eucalyptus Honey.

It is extracted in June with hives located in lands of the coast of Cantabria. With a percentage higher than 70% of Eucalyptus


Of ocher color. Very aromatic with a characteristic wood flavor.


Antiseptic of the respiratory and urinary tract, with balsamic and vermifugal effects. It is indicated against catarrhs and affections of the respiratory tree. The most indicated for diabetics and smokers.





  • Miel del Bosque-2
    Miel del Bosque-2

Honey from the Forest.

It is extracted in August in the lands of León. The only one of our honey that is not monofloral.

Black in liquid state, turning brown when solidifying. Very peculiar taste, with salty and malted nuances, strong flavor. Of slow crystallization.

Winner of the Gold Medal at the Biol Honey International Contest, held in Bologna in 2015.


It contains a lot of minerals, it is the best to combat anemia due to its high iron content. Good effects against diarrhea. It is one of the best honeys to stimulate the healing of wounds.


  • Orujo con Miel-2
    Orujo con Miel-2


Marc with honey of 50 cl.

  • Cerveza con Miel
    Cerveza con Miel

Beer with Honey 33 cl

Beer made with malt pílsen, hops and heather honey, the perfect combination for a beer with a fresh and soft flavor with floral notes from honey.
It is advisable to serve cold between 4-6ºC

  • filipides-hidromiel-urzapa-33-cl

Philypides: Hydromel 33 cl

New Packaging It is a fermented beverage made with Honey from Leon Heath, with an alcohol content of about 11 º. It is presented in a bottle of 33 cl, special for Gourmet.

It is considered the oldest alcoholic drink of humanity. The Greeks included it in the Ambrosia, the Romans gave it to the bride and groom for their "honeymoon" and it was the help of FILIPPIDES in their Marathon.

It combines well with all meals, especially with starters, soft meats and desserts. Ideal as an appetizer

  • Urzanela


Organoleptic characteristics: sweet taste of heather honey and intense aroma of cinnamon.

Therapeutic properties: it helps to activate the metabolism and to reduce the anxiety by consuming sugars. In addition, cinnamon is a regulator of blood glucose levels and also helps us eliminate excess fluid and fat in our body.

Tips: ideal with hot milk and to flavor pastries. We will take it mixed with hot water between meals.

Presentation: Glass bottles of 300 grams. In boxes of 12 units.

  • Urzavital


Organoleptic characteristics: Honey sweet taste with floral nuances of pollen and bitter of propolis.

Therapeutic properties: Combination of all the food products of the hive, taking advantage of all the properties that bees can offer us.

Advice: Indicated against multiple conditions as it combines all the food products of the hive, gives strength and vitality, strengthens the immune system, facilitates digestion, very useful in periods of exhaustion, rich in flavonoids.

Presentation: 300g pot